Friday, March 20, 2020

government control of freedom essays

government control of freedom essays People are always fighting against the government's control of freedom. What are they fighting for? Are they fighting for absolute freedom? What is absolute freedom? How much freedom do we have to sacrifice to keep our freedom protected? Is the freedom we One of the major reasons freedom is so desirable is because many of the limitations by the government on freedom are disallowing humans the right to have control over their bodies. Control of the human body is the only thing that people have power over. When the government can take away your choice to smoke, tell you when to wear a seatbelt, set laws to limit your right to do what you want to your body, or decide what constitutes a religion we should all be concerned! To preserve the Bill of Rights for ourselves, we must defend them for everybody. A large number of the prohibited freedoms are crimes where the criminal makes himself the victim. For example, the use of drugs, prostitution, suicide, vagrancy, possession of illegal substance, dodging the draft, entering the country illegally, and disregard for the age limits set on the purchase of pornographic materials. All of these crimes are punishable under the law. These crimes are set apart from most others because the person willingly chooses to victimize themselves. What people choose to do to themselves, in my opinion is the least of our worries as a country or a society. The last thing the government should have control over is what you choose to do to yourself. As long as you are not directly harming anyone else in the process, the government should not waste their time and money on something that is so trivial in comparison to crimes involving a victim. In general, people do not agree with the government controlling what they ca ...

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