Monday, February 17, 2020

Current Event Report-1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Current Event Report-1 - Essay Example In this paper an attempt has been made to identify the possible stakeholders and their interest in relation to a particular decision. For this purpose, the decision taken by Apple to reduce the negative impact of its supply chain and respond to the queries of the environmental groups have been analyzed. This is presented in the news article by Godelnik (2011) by the title â€Å"Apple Expands Stakeholder Engagement to Chinese Environmental Groups†. The interests of Apple Incorporation are to maintain the market image of the company and make profits. This is only possible by taking more social responsible decisions. Non Profit Organizations, NGOs, and environmental groups are working to make sure that all large and small organizations take necessary measures in order to reduce the hazardous waste and other negative impacts of its operations on the society and environment (Godelnik, 2011). Suppliers of Apple and factories in China where the part of Apple phones and other devices are assembled have their own business interests and are also one of the stakeholders associated with this decision. They are interested in maintaining their business relations with Apple and want to increase their profits and business. Lastly, the general public is concerned about the social environment and maintaining healthy conditions. Every stakeholders have certain impact on the overall decision, however some stakeholders have more strong influence on the decision in comparison to some less powerful stakeholders. In reference to this decision about reducing the negative implications of the supply chain of Apple on the social environment, the most strongest stakeholder are the environmental groups who are forcing Apple to improve its overall supply chain in order to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. Secondly, Apple is also forced to take this decision in order to maintain its image in the market and to retain

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